Monday, January 18, 2016

Welcome to 2016

The blog photographer is back! And the shop is open today.... MLK day.

I've lined up some shots to share over the next few weeks. First up, a few from the Eliminator races last summer in Caras Park. Isn't summer a great season? Winter could be great as well - if it starts snowing more...

Here's a New Years tip for you. I just got back from a trip to the Sandwich Islands (referred to as Hawaii these days), and found one of the best climbs I've ever pedaled on the Big Island. While Mauna Kea (13,796')  is 100+ feet higher than Mauna Loa (13,678')...and you can ride all the way to the top of Mauna Kea, the greatest riding is on Mauna Loa. When you make the turn on Saddle Road (6500') the route turns to a smooth, one-lane road snaking through a lava field...all the way to 11,000'. From there, you can put on your sneakers and it's a quick 3-hour run to the top.

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