Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 2nd

Well.... the races in Belgium are done. I'm tired... but not as tired as Dave. Long days, lots of mud, no exercise and strange food.

I've attached a few shots from yesterdays race in Baal. First off, that's my rental car...the black one. This was perhaps the highlight of my day...getting this parking spot. Parking at the Baal race is a shit show (can I cuss on the blog?). It's in a neighborhood...and it's strict. I left early so I could get a parking spot in the press parking. But they only have like 4 spots....and it was already full. Fortunately I know of a little shortcut into the racer parking, and Dave and Geoff had just enough room for me. Thankfully. My rental car has already been pulled out of the mud by a tractor, and I've backed into a pole...I didn't need another mishap.

Baal was also nice in that it rained all morning....but in the afternoon the sun came out. The first time I've seen the sun for that long during a race here. The third shot is Dave and Geoff in the pit. The fourth, which I posted to fb yesterday, is Sven Nys' biggest fan...I think.

Speaking of sun, we fly to Rome on Friday. I hope we make it... we're flying a budget airline, and every time I tell someone here what airline I'm flying they roll their eyes and laugh. Each time they do this, it makes me more nervous.

But back to the sun, the forecast calls for 60 degrees, bright sunshine and 0% chance of rain. And while you might think " guys are so lucky"...well, I feel as though we've earned that. (But truth be known, we might prefer a foot of powder and fat skis right now!)

Ciao! (practicing my Italian)

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