Monday, December 19, 2011

Lion of Flanders

On Sunday there were two cross races that the Euro Cross Camp participated in. The blog photographer went to the World Cup race in Namur. It was unusual in that it's the first World Cup race ever to take part in the Walloone Region of Belgium. All of the others have taken place in the Flanders Region. The race also took place at the top of a hill on the grounds of a castle.

Dave went with a group of riders to a smaller race in Maldegem. You'd think that you would want to be at the bigger race....but not when you pull into the parking lot and the guy parked next to you is Johan Museeuw. His son was racing.

That seems to be the way things go in Belgium. The cycling world is small here.

More stories and photos soon...

Museeuw photo by: Glen Vandevyvere
Stybar photo by:

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