Monday, May 16, 2011

River Eels

What looked like just a small, shallow stream turned out to be full of river eels. One of the joys of bike touring for a length of time is where you end up staying on the road. By the end of the trip, we would try to find the cheapest, indoor accommodations in town. In the city, er... town of Coromandel we were directed to "Pat's Place." Pat had indoor beds in a shed/garage beside her house. It was cheap, and had a shower and outdoor kitchen. But what made it so memorable, is the next morning she invited us to walk to the river behind her house to feed the river eels.

She had some leftovers from brecky (as they call it here), and threw an eggs against a rock, and scattered some toast around. Pretty soon eels started arriving to munch on the treats. There were some that were 4 - 5 feet in length. She said that she had been feeding them for 10 years. Her son is a commercial fisherman who loves to hunt. And when he does shoot a pig/hog (lots of hog hunting around here!!) they will throw some meat in the river. Apparently that really gets the eels going.

As far as what the eels look like... I thought a mix between a giant catfish and an eel. Imagine that!!

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