Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Back in Auckland at the halfway point. Rain on the way in, but sounds like sunshine is on the way.

Good riding so far. We've had 5 in our group, all on rental bikes. Two of ours (Cannondale's) are awesome. No problems, tough to beat. The other three....are...interesting. So sketchy. Here's the tally:

Cannondale issues:
1 flat tire

Other three bikes:
4 flats
1 broken front derailer (cracked)
4 broken spokes
2 broken racks (snapped in half)
1 ripped sidewall of a tire
1 broken chain
1 broken derailer pulley
1 broken handlebar bag bracket

The photo is from Hannah's bike. Broken spokes and nothing to fix it. The wheel was so out of true that after a while we just took the brake pads off. She only used the front brake for 3 days.

Bikes are being repaired now for the second half of the trip. For those interested, the espresso in Auckland in really really good. Amazingly good actually. In other news, I've been invited by a local rugby team to play with them at a rugby match on Saturday, May 14th. They just need someone who is fit and can run fast. The surprising thing is that I'm considering it.

photo by: tomrobertsonphoto.com

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