Friday, April 10, 2009

Pit stoppin'

These warm afternoons allow for some nice times here at Hellgate Cyclery in the alley. We open both doors to let the warm air flow. However, we just don't let any riff-raff in, as Grover the shop manager guards the threshold to keep unsavory characters out. (by the way, Grover prefers to say "riff-ruff" over "riff-raff")

There are times when customers come by where they don't have time to actually come inside for their repairs. Hell, they don't even have time to disengage from the equipment that needs repaired. In those special situations, repairs are made in the alley. Again, with Grover the shop manager standing guard to make sure no unsavory characters inhibit the first class service that the Hellgate Cyclery crew (from here after referred to as "Hellians") provides.

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